Tray Over-Wrapper - 400E

Ossid 400

The 400E Overwrapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper is a cost-effective solution that creates a consistent tightly wrapped case ready package that uses 25-35% less film than standard overwrap packaging machines at speeds up to 60 packages per minute.

Designed to provide the same level of quality and performance of our larger systems, the 400E overwrapping stretch shrink wrapper allows the smaller producer to meet the exacting demands of the market at a lower cost.



Hermetic Leak Proof Seals

25-35% Less Film

Up To 60ppm

Stainless Steel Construction

Up To 50 Programs


End Seal Shrink - designed to help proportionally shrink the printed film across the top and bottom of the package and draw the end seals below the tray lip. Results in tightly wrapped leak-proof packages with minimal distortion of printed graphics and information, even on high profile items.