High Speed Tray Over-Wrapper - 750

Ossid 750

The 750E Leak Proof Overwapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper takes the most desirable packaging attributes from our 500E and adds the ability to do Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This new technology creates the first truly dry package for all industry tray sizes and high profile items.

The machine uses the unique gripper chain wrapping system found on other Ossid machines to give the 750E Leak Proof Overwrapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper the ability to wrap a package tightly even when utilizing shrink films. It then employs the latest technology to produce a welded centre seal and cross directional impulse seals prior to the shrinking process

What sets this wrapper apart and ahead of all other wrappers is a patented design conveying system that allows for the evacuation of air in the package prior to sealing while the package remains in motion. Other wrappers on the market that produce similar looking packages must have holes in the package to allow for air evacuation during the shrinking process. These holes often result in wet and sticky packages in the consumer meat case. This leak proof stretch shrink wrapper produces a package that is very tightly wrapped and customarily familiar to the consumer while retaining fluids and moisture inside the package where they should be.



M.A.P Gas Flush

Hermetic Leak Proof Seals

Up To 60ppm

Trim Canister Built In

Stainless Steel Construction

Up To 50 Programs

Telescoping Side Bars For Air Removal

Utilizes a unique stretch shrink film to provide tightly shrunk packages with dry impulse seals that conform to the shape of the tray


Automatic Indexer - One Operator System

End Seal Shrink - designed to help proportionally shrink the printed film across the top and bottom of the package and draw the end seals below the tray lip. Results in tightly wrapped leak-proof packages with minimal distortion of printed graphics and information, even on high profile items.