Flow Wrappers & Flow Wrap Machinery

    Horizontal Flow Wrappers

    Total Packaging Systems offers a wide range of flow wrappers which are manufactured Bespoke to each individual project ensuring every machine supplied will cover all current and future production needs offering Robust, reliable equipment with outstanding results for any type of flow wrap application.

    All flow pack machines as standard are fully electronic as standard, up to 99 different programs on the touch screen panel with stainless steel product contact parts. A wide range of options are available on Delfin models including PEC for pre-printed film, M.A.P Gas Flush, No product no bag and construction for high care environments.

  • Semi-Auto flow pack

    Semi-Automatic Flow Pack Machine

    The Unique model is our compact solution for flow wrap applications. With less than 1m square space required, the Unique is the ideal machine for customers looking at introducing flow pack presentation to products at a lower cost to the inline machines.

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  • Entry Level flow pack

    Entry Level Flow Pack - Auriga 500E

    The Auriga 500E offers a small footprint entry level machine, whilst maintaining Delfins build quality with reliable European components.

    With space saving design the Auriga is ideal for companies low on space and looking to pack small products with little changeover.

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  • Rotary Jaw flow pack

    Rotary Jaw Flow Wrapper - Carina 500E

    The Carina is Delfins industry leading rotary jaw flow pack machine. With a variety of options and features the Carinas flexibility and reliability proves popular in a variety of applications.

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  • High Speed flow pack

    High Speed Flow Pack - Lyra 600E

    The Lyra 600E is a larger standard machine, and is ideal for companies looking to run larger products as well as being the ideal machine to incorporate feeding systems for high speed production.

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  • Inverted flow pack

    Inverted Flow Wrapper - Entry Level Gemini 500E

    The Gemini 500E is a compact entry level inverted machine with film from the bottom.

    Inverted machines are designed for loose products and products that need assistance when traveling through the forming box.

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  • Gas Flush flow pack

    Entry Level Gas Flush Flow wrapper - Vela 600E

    The Vela 600E is our small footprint box-motion jaw machine offering a low cost way of introducing M.A.P Gas flush into your packaging for increased shelf life.

    The box motion sealing on the Vela 600 guarantees a hermetic seal which is vital when using M.A.P ensuring long life products.

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  • High Speed Inverted flow pack

    High Speed Inverted Flow Pack - Sirio 600

    The Sirio 600 is our largest inverted rotary jaw flow wrapper, ideal for large loose products.

    The Sirio 600 is a popular flow wrapper for loose products , however is also used in a variety of markets for a range of different products including fruit & veg, multipacks, cups, cutlery and more.

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  • Inverted box motion flow pack

    Inverted Box Motion Flow Pack - Tucano 600

    The Tucano 600E with flat belt infeed is a high performance inverted box motion machine that is very popular in the fresh produce and meat industry.

    With an easy clean flat belt and inverted film roll holder, the Tucano is ideal for loose products such as fruit and veg, sausages and cheese. The box motion sealing on the Tucano guarantees a hermetic seal allowing M.A.P gas flush to be offered as an option.

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  • High Speed Gas Flush flow pack

    High Speed Gas Flush Flow Pack - Taurus 600

    The Taurus is our largest box motion flow wrapper offering high speed gas flush flow wrapper The box motion sealing on the Taurus guarantees a hermetic seal which is vital when using M.A.P ensuring long life products.

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  • Trayless flow pack

    Trayless Flow Pack System - Galaxy 700E

    The Galaxy 700 is the largest inverted machine in our range and is designed for irregular, large tray less products. Due to the box motion sealing jaws, M.A.P gas flush is an option on the Galaxy 700.

    The Gemini 500 is a popular flow wrapper for DIY products currently being used in a variety of markets for a range of different products including, Meat & Poultry, Household, Speciality Breads and more..

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