Entry Level Thermoformer - Thera 250

Entry Level Thermoformer

The Thera 250 is desiged as an entry level model into the thermoformer market and is very popular in a number of industries including Seafood, Meat & Poultry, Medical & Pharmaceutical.



Suitable For Flexible & Rigid Films

Busch Vacuum System

Siemens PLC

Festo Pneumatic Plant

Standard Max Pack Size 300x300mm

Up To 8 Cycles Per Min

Colour Touch Screen HMI

Up To 99 Programs

Stainless Steel IP65 Protection

Motorized Longitudinal Cutting

Manual Cleaning Cycle

Error Detection


Date Coder

Label Applicator

Photocell For PEC

M.A.P - Gas Flush

Dosing & Filling Systems

Easy Change Dies