Tray Sealer Machines

    Our range of tray sealers are designed to suit all production sizes. We have a manual tray sealer for start up customers, and trial purposes, a semi automatic table top machine which is ideal for introducing M.A.P to your products to our fully inline automatic range for high speed production.


  • Semi Auto Tray Sealer

    Table Top Gas Flush Tray Sealer - Semi Automatic

    Profile cut, Semi-automatic, Table top tray sealer with interchangable tooling and M.A.P gas flush for increased shelf life - Up to 18ppm.

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  • Manual Heat Sealer

    Manual Tray Sealer - Profile & Back Cut

    Manual tray sealer, designed for back of store and trials. Profile cut version producing retail quality packs for start up operations.

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  • High Speed Tray Sealer

    Automatic High Speed Tray Sealer

    High speed tray sealers, with options for high care production. Ideal for companys looking to fully automate production. 40 ppm +

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  • Vacuum Sealer

    Vacuum & Gas Standalone Sealer

    Stand alone Vacuum and M.A.P machine for customers looking to introduce Vacuum to products.

    Skin packaging and extra large trays can be incorporated on this model.

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  • Rotary Tray Sealer

    Rotary Tray Sealer

    Flexible, stand alone rotary system, designed for high speed production on a small foot-print. Up to 30ppm

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