Vela 600 Gas Flush Flow-Wrapper

Box Motion Flow Pack

The Vela 600E is our small footprint box-motion jaw machine offering a low cost way of introducing M.A.P Gas flush into your packaging for increased shelf life.

The box motion sealing on the Vela 600 guarantees a hermetic seal which is vital when using M.A.P ensuring long life products.

The Vela 600 is currently being used in a variety of markets for a range of different products including, bakery products, meat & poultry, eggs and more


Vela flow wrapper features

Box Motion Sealing Jaw - Hermetic Seals

600mm Film Roll Holder Fed From The Top

350mm Jaw Width

Mechanical Speed 45 spm

1000mm Exit Conveyor

2600mm Modular Infeed Conveyor

Colour Touch Screen HMI

Up To 99 Programs

Bespoke Forming Box - Fixed/Adjustable

Stainless Steel Product Touch Parts

Omron Brushless Motors

FESTO Pneumatics

Vela flow wrapper Options

Gas Flush - M.A.P

Flat Belt Infeed

Gusset Forming Device

Zig Zag Knife

Euroslot Punch

Photocell For PEC

Photocell For No Product No Bag

Film Perforator

Machine On Castors

Feeding Systems

High Care Construction